Basic Level C Interview Questions And Answers

IT companies demand clear understanding and thorough sense of programming logic when it comes to selecting their employees, from a batch of freshers. C being the basic programming language, is targeted as a topic of interview questions when it comes to testing the knowledge of the candidates. Listed below are some basic C Interview Question that can be asked in an interview.

State the different types of storage classes in C? What are they used for?

There are 3 types of storage in C:

Automatic Storage, Static Storage and Allocated Storage.

The Automatic Storage is for variables having block scope without static specifier.

The Static storage is for variables with block scope and having a static specifier.

Allocated storage is for global variables that may or may not have static specifier. The memory obtained in this type of storage  is called by malloc(), alloc() and realloc().

What is a null pointer? State how NULL is used?

In C language, it is sometimes mandatory to define pointers that does not point to any memory location. Thus in this case the macro NULL pointer is used. When NULL pointer is defined it gives a literal ‘zero’ value to any data type pointer like integer* or char*.

The NULL pointer is used in the following ways:

To prevent misdirecting in a recursive data structures.

Used as an error value.

Also NULL can be a sentinel value.

What is the difference between calloc() and malloc()?

calloc() is used to allocate memory locations for array elements of predefined size. Its default initialization is 0.

malloc() accepts only memory locations defined in bytes.

Thus to summarize, calloc() allocates blocks of memory and malloc() allocates bytes of memory.

What is the difference between printf() and sprintf()?

sprintf(): is a keyword used to write data to a character array.

printf(): is a keyword used to write data to a standard output device.

Can you declare a static variable in a header file?

A static variable can be declared in a header file. This is will not generate any compilation or runtime error but it will be a logical error if the user defines a static variable in a header file. This is because the header file will now have its own private copy of the variable, which is not logically correct when it comes to programming.

What output will be generated if the statement printf(“%d”) is executed?

This statement is the default print statement of C. Since the statement does not have any variable(of any data type) after “%d”, a garbage value, automatically generated will be shown in the compiler window.

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Latest Diwali Rangoli Designs 2014

Diwali is the awesome festival with Resplendent light in everyone’s life. It brings full of blessing for your ecstatic life. It brings vibrant colors in our life to make us strong and powerful to fight with the problems and finally reach the success. As this festival brings fortune and gives us felicitous thoughts, it becomes an essential thing to welcome it in a wonderful way. The best way to welcome the festival is to draw beautiful and colorful rangoli designs. You can find the best design from these Colorful Diwali Rangoli Designs.

Diwali Wallpapers 2014

Diwali Wallpapers

On this auspicious festival, you also need to welcome goddess Laxmi into our house. To welcome her we need to clean our house and decorate it in an elegant manner by following some Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas and adding your creative ideas to them.

In Gujarat on the day of Diwali they decorate their house with beautiful patterns of Rangoli all over the house and outside the house. They also draw the small footsteps of goddess Laxmi in the whole house starting from entrance to each and every corner of the house. They draw rangoli at the place where pooja is performed to the goddess Laxmi with beautiful Diwali Rangoli Designs.

Drawing rangoli designs gives a fantastic look the surroundings and this is not only for decorating your house, but also for some scientific reason behind it. The original form of rangoli is like sound waves. Actually as per the harmonics concept due to the musical sound waves the sand particles in the plate producing sound will form symmetric patterns. And in the same way vice versa, i.e., when we see the geometric patterns due to the symmetric patterns there will be some vibrations formed in our mind, which will make our mind calm and happy. This part of science is known as Cymatics. And due to these vibrations some diseases can also be cured. This therapy is known as Cymatherapy. Hence rangoli designs are drawn in front of houses to welcome the relatives with a calm and happy mind.

It is also said that these rangoli desings are drawn to provide food for small insects like ants as patterns are drawn with rice flour. The spiritual reason in drawing these rangoli is to have prosperity, wealth and growth in our life. Finally try to draw these rangoli designs in its original form of sound waves, or atleast maintain the symmetry in drawing these Colorful Diwali Rangoli Designs.

Short hairstyles for women

Trendy short haircuts for round faces

Our haircut is something we wear every day and hence it should always reflect who we are at all times and if you have round face then you must try these trendy short haircuts for round faces. Usually it becomes difficult to style round faces because the idea is to provide length to the face and hence for doing so you can try some of these short haircuts for round faces.

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If you have curly hair, you can get your haircut in this way as they look classy and trendy and at the same time add length to your face.

The Fringe

This is something that you can never go wrong with, the fringe which makes you look cute and at the same time adds depth to your round face. Fringes never go out of fashion hence, go get the fringe at the earliest.

Round faces need a little length with styling hence you must try short haircuts for round faces to add a little length to your round face.

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Download WhatsApp for Windows 7/8/XP

WhatsApp is the most popular and free multimedia messaging service available for use in smartphones. You do not need to [pay for any of your texts or pictures, videos that you can easily send across to your friend. Although there is no official version launched for using the application on a PC, WhatsApp for PC will work just fine. There are few phones which will not support this application. WhatsApp for PC negates all that and allows you to stay in touch with your contacts even without a smart phone. All you need is a working number and follow the steps below to enjoy the world of WhatsApp

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